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Norland College forward-facing buggy ride

Talk To Your Baby believes that sociable pushchairs should be affordable for all parents and is campaigning to make cheaper, pusher-facing buggies, accessible to all families. Find out more about Talk To Your Baby's buggy campaign.

Young children spend a considerable amount of time each day strapped into buggies. This could be an ideal time for parents or carers to talk to their child, pointing out things along the way or responding to the things that grab their child's attention. But most children's buggies face away from the pusher, making eye contact impossible and conversation between adult and toddler difficult.

Norland College produced a video to highlight how it feels for a baby to travel in a forward-facing buggy. The video below is just a ten-minute clip from the full film. Stick with it to share the boredom of being pushed into the unknown. Think how scary this must be. Look at:
- 0:20 - the buggy is squeezed between two parked cars
- 0:56 - a crowd of people jostle past the buggy
- 1:43 - while waiting to cross the road, a 4x4 vehicle comes dangerously close to the baby
- 2:26 - automatic doors almost swing into the buggy as they open
- 8:20 - the buggy steers between a forest of legs
- 9:16 - as mum chats to the cashier, the buggy is abandoned down below

Norland College was founded in 1892 and has been at the forefront of childcare training for over 110 years. The college aims to provide the very best early years education and training for its students, giving them the knowledge, experience and skills to maximise their own potential and that of the children in their care. Together with its employment agency, Norland provides students with a unique route from training to life-long employment.

Please be patient as the video may take a few minutes to load.

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