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National Literacy Trust staff member Imran Hafeez has written the below to help inspire your poems. You can also listen to him perform this poem.

My love for Reading

A tad older and perhaps wiser, can easily admit I love to read!
Wouldn’t have dare say that back in the day though, just wasn’t a need.
But here I write a few lines sharing my experiences with a book,
To convince you by the end of it that it truly is ‘off the hook’.

My most favourite and one of the first was a science book all about space,
It made me wonder if it was possible to ever reach such a place.
But now the pictures have taken my breath away and through the pages I know I have seen,
That which was once beyond my reach, now I can say that I’ve been.

And not all stories are made up you know, many of them are true,
That it why I love to read up on the world and find out who is who.
And as the authors paint, using their words, taking us right about there,
I have no worries left of the world around, I just don’t care.

And that something about the smell of the pages, now I think I know,
It’s the fragrance that opens the pours of mind, for the knowledge to flow.
And how dull a place the world would be if I could not read,
So thank you dad for sharing your love of books, something which I need.

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