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Nathan Dyer's World Class level challenge

Based on Foul Play by Tom Palmer

Watch the film before you complete the challenge to win your exclusive Premier League reward.

You can read the extract yourself at the bottom of the page. You'll need to read the full chapter to answer question three, as the answer isn't in the extract read by the player. Read the chapter


Extract read by the player

Danny crouched when he heard the footsteps. 

Then, after counting to ten, he looked carefully over the top of the wall through the fragments of broken glass set into a line of concrete. There were two men. Both dressed head to foot in black. Both wearing ski hats low over their hair, ears, their eyebrows. 

This was it. 

What Danny had been waiting for, sitting out in the cold every night for the past week. He felt excited. Or afraid. He wasn’t sure which. Danny watched the men, the tip of his nose touching the cold brick of the wall to make sure his head stayed still. 

Neither man spoke. They communicated with nods and quick hand gestures. 

At first, Danny couldn’t be absolutely sure the two men were not just drinkers returning late from a night out, nipping round the back of the shops to relieve themselves. But it would have been a coincidence that it was the back of an electrical store at three in the morning, in the same month that a dozen other similar shops had been burgled. 

Anyway, whatever they were doing, they wouldn’t take kindly to being watched by a fourteen-year-old boy. 

Danny held his breath as the two men studied the door and windows, shining a torch through one. The beam of the torch highlighted the red brick of the buildings, a shining black drainpipe, paint-peeling window frames. It was a typical rundown back alley. 


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