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David WalliamsDavid Walliams, comedian, author and TV presenter: “If children don’t get ahead in reading early on, the chances are they won’t flourish later on, which is why the Read On. Get On. campaign is so important. When I look back on my childhood, some of my fondest memories are of reading with my dad or mum. Reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. When you read a book it sends you into a magical world. So join me in the Read On. Get On. campaign and read to your kids for just 10 minutes a day. This will help Britain ensure all children can read well by the time they are 11 years old.”

Myleene KlassMyleene Klass, TV and radio presenter, classical musician: “Just 10 minutes a day of reading is what it can take. In my household I push reading so much but there are so many children out there who have the drive but can’t have it unleashed because there isn’t anyone around to help them”


Helen SkeltonHelen Skelton, TV presenter: “I can’t imagine not being able to read – it’s something I take for granted, but if I couldn’t, my day-to-day life would be a struggle. I feel very lucky to have had a childhood peppered with people who encouraged me to read – my family, my teachers, and even my friends.”


William SitwellWilliam Sitwell, Masterchef judge: “Primary school children need literacy skills not just so they can discover and immerse themselves in wonderful stories, but so they can communicate effectively and be fulfilled in every subject they tackle. Without these key skills they quickly become isolated and forgotten in the system. Learning to read and write early in life reaps untold benefits for the whole of the rest of your life.”

Lauren LaverneLauren Laverne, radio DJ, TV presenter, author: “Reading unlocks the entire world. What else is there worth spending your life on, except the exchange of ideas and the communication of your experience?”




Cressida CowellCressida Cowell, award-winning children’s author: “I’m supporting the Read On. Get On. campaign because I think a lot of people don’t realise what an effect reading has on a child’s life chances, and that ten minutes a day reading with your child can make such a difference.” 

Jonathan MeresJonathan Meres, award-winning children’s author: “I’m supporting the Read On. Get On. campaign because reading, reading to someone else, or being read to is, quite simply, one of life’s great pleasures. And it’s a pleasure you can share. With pleasure.”


joannatrollope100x1001Joanna Trollope, award-winning novelist: “I can’t imagine a life without reading. Reading is where I have been most stimulated, interested, informed and happiest. The older I’ve got, the more pleasure reading has given me.” 


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