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Tags: Schools & teaching, Words for Work

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  • EddieCarron replied on 21 Jan 2013 at 23:51

    That phonics is not universally well or rigorously taught in early years schooling is proven by the poor literacy standards of many children entering secondary schools. This is the principal challenge facing educators today but it is not my focus. My aim is to help teachers to develop a strategy to ensure that those who have been failed by inappropriate early years teaching will nevertheless develop competence in all of the literacy skills before graduating to secondary school.
    A Scottish teacher has introduced a highly innovative and successful perceptual learning strategy which is being taken up by other local secondary schools. The local authority is also conducting a research project in a dozen primary schools using the same perceptual learning strategy to test the hypothesis that literacy skills deficits can be avoided altogether.

    The special needs coordinator has produced a video of his department in action

    Please post comments of questions on the youtube site.

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