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National Literacy Trust staff

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Abigail Moss

Deputy Director

As Deputy Director I support the Director in managing the strategic direction of the charity, the finances and the day-to-day running of the charity. I directly manage the Development team, supporting them in their roles to engage businesses, trusts, foundations and individual supporters, and to generate income from our resources, training and events.


Abigail was appointed Deputy Director of the National Literacy Trust in March 2010. Before that, she led a local government improvement programme at Museums, Libraries and Archives London and, from 1999 to 2009, was at Arts Council England, London, latterly as Director of Children and Young People’s Strategy. She has also worked as a secondary school English teacher, performer and local authority change manager.

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Clare McGread

Head of Programmes

I work closely with the Director and Deputy Director to develop strategy and lead programme activity. I have direct management of our Programme Managers and am responsible for ensuring that the programmes are managed to a high quality and deliver on planned outcomes.

020 7820 6276

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Jonathan Douglas

Director of the National Literacy Trust

As Director, I am responsible for the strategic direction, financial management and day-to-day running of the charity, ensuring that everything we do contributes to our charitable purpose of transforming lives through improved literacy.

Diana Stewart
Personal Assistant to Director

020 7820 6251


Jonathan was appointed Director of the National Literacy Trust in January 2007. Previously he was Head of Policy Development at the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, where he also worked as Head of Learning and Access. Prior to that, he was Professional Adviser for Youth and School Libraries at the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. He has also worked as a librarian and in children’s services for Westminster Libraries. Jonathan is on the Advisory Committee of the Man Booker Prize and is Chair of Governors at his local primary school.

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Communities and Local Areas


Allison Potter

Middlesbrough Hub Manager

I manage the Middlesbrough hub. My role is to help more people to access literacy support and to improve the support that is available. I facilitate links between partners and help identify and share good practice. I am the Literacy Adviser for Middlesbrough Council but am seconded to the National Literacy Trust, three days per week, to manage the hub. I work in Middlesbrough.

01642 201868

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Andy Parkinson

Communities and Local Areas Lead

I work with local authorities to develop a strategic approach to literacy that will impact on those who can benefit the most.

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Imran Hafeez

Bradford Hub Manager

My role involves working with partners across Bradford in order to identify the literacy challenges and develop practical approaches to raise levels of literacy.

01274 385901

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Jason Vit

Literacy Hubs Manager

020 7820 6273

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Aimee Faunt

Project Manager, Books about Town

Books About Town combines art and literature by creating benches shaped like open books and positioning them around London for everyone to enjoy in summer 2014. My role means working closely with partner companies and internal teams across the project. 

The event will raise the profile of our charity and raise money through the auction of the sculptures at the end.

020 7820 6252


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Alison Miller

KPMG Charity of the Year Partnership Manager

I lead Action for Literacy, a partnership between the National Literacy Trust and Dyslexia Action, which brings together our expertise for the first time at a moment when low literacy makes people more vulnerable than ever before. We are delighted to be working with KPMG as part of a two-year partnership to improve literacy in the UK. Together, we will raise awareness of the importance of enjoying reading, help families to improve literacy skills of their children and provide specialist support for children and young people with dyslexia.

0845 054 6595 / 020 7820 6266

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Anna Jones

Development Manager

I manage our individuals fundraising, which includes appeals, sponsored events and regional fundraising such as golf days, summer fetes and schools fundraising. I am also in charge of our annual Where’s Wally? fun run, our biggest fundraising event. If you’re interested in supporting our charity or have an idea for how you'd like to raise money for us, please contact me on or 020 7820 6254.

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Diana Stewart

Supporter Relations Manager

I manage our relationships with our Patron, ambassadors and key individuals who have a particular interest in literacy. I am also responsible for managing our launch events and, in 2013, will be putting together the events programme for our 20th anniversary year.

020 7820 6251

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Lisa Rootes

Head of Partnerships

I lead the development of partnerships with business, which enable us to promote literacy to our target audiences and support the sustainability of the charity. There are a variety of ways of working together from fun, engaging consumer-facing activity, such as our McDonald’s partnership, to sponsorship of our projects.

07585 117125

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Lorna Taylor

Corporate Partnerships Manager

I work with our corporate partners on all aspects of their involvement, including corporate donations, volunteering, staff fundraising and brand partnerships.

020 7820 6252

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Penne Wallis

Trusts and Foundations Manager

I am responsible for generating income from trusts and foundations to support our work. I work with teams internally to develop projects, identify potential funders and secure support, and report on the impact we have made on our target audiences.

020 7840 9551

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Ronan Cahill

Events Administrator

I help the NLT to transform lives by coordinating events developed to share knowledge, research, policy, analysis and news with literacy professionals, empowering and encouraging them to make a difference in their jobs.

020 7820 6258

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Early Words Together


Dr Cathy Hamer

Foundation Years Adviser

Cathy has worked on our Talk To Your Baby campaign, developing strategic guidance, leading the Face to Face research project and coordinating a network across the Midlands. She promotes early communication and language, underpinning literacy across the Foundation Years. Cathy is also an early years teacher, registered health and educational psychologist who has worked across Sure Start local programmes and children’s centres for a range of organisations.

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Jennifer Cole

Project Manager

I am responsible for peer support through our Literacy Champions and Early Words Together programmes, which empower community volunteers to work with families to encourage parental engagement and inspire a love of reading. I provide training and resources to support local coordinators, and ensure effective delivery of the model. 

020 7820 6274 

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Sue Denning

Programme Manager

I manage our early years family engagement programme, Early Words Together. The two-year programme is run in partnership with 12 local authorities to help local services, particularly children’s centres, identify and engage with families who could benefit from support with early language and literacy for children aged two to five years. We also recruit volunteers who will help parents gain confidence in supporting their children’s language and literacy development and improve their home learning environment.

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Abida Khan

Head of Finance

020 7820 6257

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James Kamau

Finance Officer

020 7840 9559

My role supports NLT in fulfilling its financial obligations. I assist the head of finance in the production of timely and accurate financial information.

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Sharon Clarke

Finance Assistant

020 7820 6258

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Information and Resources


Paul Jackson

Database Manager

I ensure that the information available to all of our staff is as accurate, up to date and useful as possible. I provide data analysis and reporting to help our teams effectively measure their progress against project objectives and to inform future delivery.

020 7840 9557

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Sam Brookes

Head of Information and Resources

I am responsible for our internal information systems, as well as our office space, HR and governance. I also manage the National Literacy Trust's website, ensuring that all our professional audiences - practitioners, policy makers and researchers - can access information, analysis and resources to support their own work and transform lives through literacy. I work closely with project teams to ensure that the website supports the effective delivery of our work on the ground.

020 7840 9552

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Marketing and Communications


Claire Nevill

Media Manager

I manage the National Literacy Trust’s profile in the media. This includes responding to literacy issues in the news and proactively highlighting our work in the media. I develop and nurture our relationships with key journalists, briefing them on the impact of our work. I also secure national media coverage for our parent-facing campaign Words for Life and develop our local campaigning work in Middlesbrough and Oxfordshire.  

020 7820 6275  

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Clare Bolton

Head of Marketing

020 7820 6262

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Harriet Wood

Marketing and Public Affairs Manager

I manage our public affairs activity, increasing awareness of our work among policymakers. This involves managing the All Party Parliamentary Group on Literacy and nurturing relationships with key policymakers. I also provide marketing support to projects and campaigns across the organisation.

020 7820 6253

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Helena Agustsson

Communications Assistant

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Joanna Franks

Local Media and Campaigns Officer

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Joe Morrisroe

Policy Officer

020 7820 6256  

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Oxfordshire Reading Campaign


Anouk Galle

Volunteer Manager

I manage the volunteering strand of the Oxfordshire Reading Campaign, supporting targeted schools across the county. I develop and design programme content, training and information for volunteers, so that children in Key Stage 1 can be supported to enjoy reading and develop their confidence.

020 7820 6265

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Julie Gibbings

Programme Manager

The Oxfordshire Reading Campaign is a two-year programme delivered by the National Literacy Trust on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council. It aims to substantially improve both standards of reading and the overall reading experience for children in the early years of primary school.  

The programme includes a reading intervention and a volunteering programme in targeted schools, and a public-facing campaign to engage the local community. My role is to pull these strands together and ensure we provide a single cohesive package for schools to maximise their success. 

020 7820 6267  

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Sam Pope


Based in Oxford, I coordinate the Oxfordshire Reading Campaign and am the first point of contact for participating schools. I manage communication with the county’s schools and help to organise training and other events. I also liaise with volunteers and the media, and am hoping to volunteer as part of the programme myself.

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Premier League Reading Stars


Jim Sells

Manager, Premier League Reading Stars

Families from our target audiences often feel that educational activities are not for them; yet sport, and in particular, football, has the power to inspire. Working directly with all 20 Premier League clubs, we gain the "permission" needed to take part in educational activities: our project is perceived as a football activity, which enables us to reach those who need it most.  

020 7820 6263

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Joe Morrisroe

Project Officer 

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Dr Christina Clark

Head of Research

Through my work I provide children, young people, their parents and literacy practitioners with a platform to voice their opinions on a variety of literacy subjects. I work closely with project staff and our communications and policy teams, translating our research findings into cutting-edge practice. Working alongside project staff, I explore the impact of our work.

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Dr Susie Formby

Early Years Research Manager

020 7820 6260   

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Francine McMahon

Network Adviser (secondary)

In this role, I am privileged in being able to research theory while developing and capturing outstanding literacy practice in English and across all subjects in secondary schools.

It is my belief that if we as a teaching profession talk about and share strategies that help pupils speak, read, write and think, then we not only inspire our profession, but will give our younger generation the best possible chance in life. Formerly, I was an Assistant Head Teacher in a secondary school in Tower Hamlets and a Secondary National Strategy Literacy consultant. I also now work as a Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University for Teach First.

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Isobel Gibbon

Schools Administrator

I’m here to ensure that members of the National Literacy Trust Network are able to access all the benefits membership provides to schools and other literacy professionals. This includes supporting members through the joining and renewal process, as well as making sure our website is up to date with resources, blogs and tools to inspire and help you with literacy development. I also help with the organisation of events and competitions, and provide administrative support for the Oxfordshire Reading Campaign. 

020 7840 9554  

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Judy Clark

Network Adviser (primary)

As a teacher, leader and literacy specialist consultant, I seek out excellence in theory and practice to help inform, inspire and support professionals in transforming the lives of primary school pupils. 

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Julie Gibbings

Senior Programme Manager

I provide strategic leadership for the network to ensure that we continue to support schools and literacy professionals effectively in the changing educational context. I am also the Programme Manager for the Oxfordshire Reading Campaign. Alongside this, I work on the development of programmes and support for schools that meet their diverse needs.

I was previously a secondary school teacher, and have worked on a wide range of projects for schools and alternative education. For me, literacy is absolutely vital to enable people to participate fully in society. 

020 7820 6267

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Susie Musgrove

Network and Competitions Manager

I work with the rest of the team to run the National Literacy Trust Network, a professional network for primary and secondary schools and those who work with them. I support network members to ensure they get the most out of their membership, providing the first point of contact for any queries about network benefits.

I also run our national literacy competitions and challenges such as the Big Diamond Jubilee Read, which aim to inspire children and young people to get involved in activities to improve their literacy.

020 7820 6261

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Words for Work


Lucy Kerrigan

Project Manager

One of our strategic aims is to increase awareness of speaking and listening as key to overall literacy development. I support the Programme Manager by coordinating and planning activity that enables young people to explore communication and employability, working with volunteers from the business community. Through a series of workshops, young people are encouraged and challenged to develop their communication skills, confidence and aspirations.

020 7840 9556

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Sally Melvin

Senior Programme Manager

One of our strategic aims is to increase awareness of speaking and listening as key to overall literacy development. By targeting young people with low self-confidence, our programme uses creative consultation to unlock speaking and listening skills. I develop partnerships between schools and local businesses to develop communication skills for the workplace.

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Tom Asher


I act as the first point of contact for the programme, and develop and maintain business support. I also support the rest of the team in our work with hubs, schools, volunteers, employers and other partners, to enable young people to develop their abilities and confidence in speaking and listening.

020 7840 9555

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Young Readers Programme


Alex Botham

Project Manager

I work on the Young Readers Programme, giving children free books and helping them develop a love of reading. We work across the UK, targeting areas of disadvantage where we can have the most impact. I train teachers and librarians to deliver our projects, share best practice tips and support them to plan exciting events to help children discover and develop themselves as readers. I also enjoy discovering new children’s book titles to recommend to schools we work with. My favourite is Mixed Up Fairy Tales.

020 7820 6271

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Irene Picton

Project Manager

I visit new Young Readers Programme project coordinators in schools, libraries and other community organisations to train them in how to run our programmes. I pass on practical tips and ideas for books and events to help inspire the children and families they work with to enjoy reading. My job role includes researching and developing our programmes, and  I occasionally attend events and read stories in silly voices.

020 7820 6270 

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Sarah Cook

Project Manager

I work on the Young Readers Programme, giving children free books and helping them develop a love of reading. We work across the UK, targeting areas of disadvantage where we can have the most impact. I train teachers and librarians to deliver our projects, share best practice tips and support them to plan exciting events to help children discover and develop themselves as readers.  I also enjoy discovering new children’s book titles to recommend to schools we work with. My favourite series is currently Mr Gum.

020 7820 6269

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The National Literacy Trust is a registered charity no. 1116260 and a company limited by guarantee no. 5836486 registered in England and Wales and a registered charity in Scotland no. SC042944.
Registered address: 68 South Lambeth Road, London SW8 1RL.